Working for Octapharma

Whether your career interest is R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance or engineering, Octapharma can help you achieve your career goals and you will have an opportunity to contribute to our common goal – developing life saving therapies to improve patients' lives.

At Octapharma, we strive to create a challenging and rewarding workplace. Since its conception in 1983, the company has grown to more than 6,200 employees in 32 locations. And while we have invested heavily in R&D and improving our facilities, we also invest in training and development for our employees. With five manufacturing facilities in five countries and dozens of sales and marketing offices around the globe, employees have outstanding opportunities to gain global experience.


As the largest privately held plasma fractionator in the world, Octapharma is owned by the Marguerre family and continues to be run by its founder and chairman, Mr Wolfgang Marguerre. With an over 30 year history of innovation and growth, the chairman and the board members of the company ensure that strategies are made with a long term view and decisions are taken based on what’s right for the company in the long term.


We place a strong emphasis on shaping our company culture through shared values and mutual respect. Every employee has an opportunity to contribute to the on-going success of our company. Octapharma pioneered new processes in the industry and continues to be at the leading edge of our industry. Innovation and creativity are greatly valued – we are always focused on continuous improvement.


If you are ready to take control of your career and you have a sincere desire to make a difference in this world, we encourage you to apply for any one of our open positions.





“I accompanied Octapharma’s immense growth personally and geographically, living in Germany, in Austria and then moving back to France. As the company grew and developed, so did I; I am an Octapharma product myself.”

Frederic Bal
Head of Quality, Lingolsheim


“Being family owned has always been an advantage because flexibility and relatively short decision paths make us very efficient, I think this is the biggest difference to other companies.”

Gerhard Tuma
Head of Aseptic Production, Vienna