Production Plants

Using the latest technology and a strict Quality Control process, Octapharma’s production plants carry out plasma fractionation and purification, pharmaceutical production, R&D, and/or product labelling, packaging, storage, and distribution.


The Vienna plant was the first Octapharma-owned production site.

Located near Strasbourg, France, the facility was acquired in April 1999 from Aventis.

Originally owned by Kabi the site has been involved in plasma fractionation since the 1940s.

Following successful cooperation with the German Red Cross, Octapharma leased their Plasma Fractionation Facility in 2006 and acquired the facility in 2008.

A modern, state-of-the-art packaging and logistics centre for worldwide distribution, since 2009 our plasma products are labelled, packed, stored and distributed from this centre to more than 80 countries. 

In 1999, five years after Octapharma entered the Mexican market, the board decided to invest in a local manufacturing site. Today Octapharma S.A de C.V is the only producer of blood derivatives in Mexico.