Mission & Vision


For the safe and optimal use of human proteins



Octapharma was founded in 1983 on the fundamental principle of improving the lives of patients. Since then we have remained focused on our collective responsibility for the trust instilled in us by physicians and patients worldwide. In 2012, the Octapharma Board identified the core strategic pillars which will lead to the achievement of the organization’s ambitious long term goals.

"The foundation of our identity is our patient-oriented corporate culture. We aim to increase our product portfolio to access the global market; to enter the recombinant business successfully; to increase plasma availability and throughput; to nurture a healthy organization with proud and talented employees and to continue to have open and transparent communication. These strategic pillars, we believe, will lead to further successes and profitable organic growth. These core elements define our future resource investments and continue to focus our internal and external activities."

Wolfgang Marguerre, Chairman of Octapharma Group