1983Octapharma is founded. The “octa” in the name is taken from the Greek word for eight, the factor deficient in people with haemophilia A.
1985Octapharma launches its first product, octaviВ®, the first virus inactivated FVIII product, manufactured with the then novel solvent detergent (S/D) process. Octapharma acquired the license for this innovative treatment, which became gold standard in the production of plasma derived products.
1990Octapharma opens its first production facility in Vienna, acquiring the fractionation plant from Chemie Linz.
1992Laboratory in Frankfurt established for the validation and documentation of virus inactivation methods.
1994After several years of development, the intravenous immunoglobulin octagamВ® is launched.
1997Octagene, now Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals, is founded in Munich to develop a human cell line for the production of recombinant FVIII.
1998Launch of a new generation of high purity, double virus inactivated FVIII and FIX concentrates, octanateВ® (replacing octaviВ®) and octanineВ®F, respectively.
1999Octapharma acquires a second plant in Lingolsheim, France, from Aventis. 80 staff pre-acquisition, the site now employs 370 people.
2002Octapharma acquires the plasma division of Biovitrum in Sweden, gaining increased manufacturing capacity and incorporating Biovitirum’s product portfolio. Octapharma also benefited from Kabi’s 60 year history of plasma product expertise.
2003Expansion into North America: Octapharma begin sales in the US, the world’s largest pharmaceutical market, and continues to expand operations in North America by acquiring a fractionation plant in Mexico.
2004octaplexВ®, a state-of- the-art prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC) is launched.
2005wilateВ®, a high purity von Willebrand/ FVIII preparation is launched.
2006Octapharma acquires Deutsche Gesellschaft fuМ€r Humaplasma (DGH) plasma centres, paving the way to secure plasma supplies from our own sources.
2007Octapharma establishes its plasma service company, Octapharma Plasma Inc. (OPI).
2008Octapharma acquires a fractionation plant in Springe, Germany, from the German Red Cross.
2009Sales exceed 1 billion Euros.
2010octagam® is voluntarily withdrawn and the manufacturing process amended; Octapharma’s new innovative test redefines industry standards for immunoglobulin production.
2011octagamВ® resumes commercialization in all major markets. Elsewhere, Octapharma launches a global plant harmonization project to improve good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards.
2012Octapharma opens the new Institute for Recombinant Protein Research and Development in Heidelberg, Germany.
2013Octapharma achieves sales of 1.1 billion Euros in a record breaking year which included the highest ever sales for octagamВ®. Licence submissions to EMA and Canada for the first recombinant product, Human-cl rhFVIII.
2014European Commission publishes approval of Octapharma’s human cell line recombinant FVIII (Nuwiq®)